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The Silent Healer

The Silent Healer of a Broken Heart What Is The Silent Healer? Hints: It takes no particular expertise, although with awareness and practice you can get really good at it It’s not hard to do, except when you’re thinking about something (which is most of the time!) We love it when someone gives it to…

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Alzheimer’s from the Inside Out

ALZHEIMER’S FROM THE INSIDE OUT By Richard Taylor, PH.D. who lived with dementia of the Alzheimer’s type for over a decade. We all interpret our experiences differently But we are similar in both our experiences and interpretations. Where we are different is in what we do with these. 1. There is such a feeling as…

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Your Main Artery of Health

Your Main Artery of Health From the day you are born blood flow supports all healthy cell function. It is the foundation for living life to its fullest. Without robust blood flow your cells suffer and this can lead to all sorts of disorders as you age. Your circulation slows down because of our modern…

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