The Santa Fe Eldercare Network (SFEN) is the most comprehensive “one-stop” access to professionals dedicated to the physical, financial, and emotional well-being of our Santa Fe elder community.

If you personally need help of any sorts or if you’re a family member or caregiver in search of support, you have come to the right place.  - We’re here for you.


Care Coordination
Counseling & Support
Financial, Legal & Professional Services
End of Life
Senior Housing
In-Home Care
Medical & Therapeutic
State, County, City & Other


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The History of the Santa Fe Eldercare Network

Case managers at St. Vincent Hospital originally started the “Continuity of Care” group back in the early 90’s. The group endeavor was to unite the providers with the case managers so they knew whom they were working with and what services each of the companies had to offer. It made for a close knit group who got to know each other well and socialized as well as worked together. At that time, each month a different company and/or individuals would present information that was relevant to the work of forging that continuity so patients who were released from the hospital would have a process in place of having services available to care for them as they recovered from their illness. It was interesting to see the group develop and become a way of knowing what was going on with each other in their professional evolution. New Mexico Association for the Continuity of Care was known as NMACC and was a subgroup of the bigger group in Albuquerque which belonged to a national ACC. This national group each year had annual conventions and we sent delegates from our state to attend the conferences. After the Albuquerque group broke away from the national organization, we also went rogue and formed our own group, which now is known as the Santa Fe Eldercare Network. The case managers eventually formed a different group, which became Case Managers Society of America, which has their annual conference in Albuquerque the first weekend in October.

For the last several years, the Santa Fe Eldercare Network has expanded beyond the medical model. Our members represent virtually all areas of support and services for elders, whether they need full guardianship, help handling their finances, or companionship.

The Santa Fe Eldercare Network is the perfect portal for adult children to manage their parents' affairs long distance. Whatever you need, we are here for you.


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