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Alzheimer's Association, New Mexico Chapter

Tina De La Luz
811 St. Michael's Dr.
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Tina De La Luz has been working in the healthcare industry for over a decade, beginning her career as a caregiver. In 2008, she became a program coordinator for an Adult Day Care Program in Albuquerque that specialized in Alzheimer’s and dementia, serving the caregiver community there for over 6 years. In 2015, Tina became the Northeastern Regional Manager for the Alzheimer’s Association, New Mexico Chapter. Her office is located in Santa Fe, but she covers the entire north-east section of the state, providing helpful programs and presentations to both rural and urban communities, giving one-on-one care consultations to families in need, coordinating family caregiver conferences and managing the Santa Fe Walk to End Alzheimer’s.


Amy Fredericks, LMSW, CMS-CHT, FIBH
Hypnosis for a Change

(505) 946-7588
411 St. Michael's Drive, Suite 5
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Amy Fredericks, LMSW, CMS-CHT, FIBH is a Licensed Masters level Social Worker, a Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy with over 20 years of medical social work experience.

At Hypnosis for a Change Amy uses Integral Hypnotherapy that is client-centered and collaborative, and teaches you how to utilize the power of your mind to achieve your goals and create the life you desire. Clients report immediate benefits, such as relaxation and focused attention, and appreciate how quickly they achieve their desired outcome, with lasting results. She has helped many people with the following issues: Accelerated healing from surgery, symptoms and medical/dental procedures; overwhelming stress and worry; guilty or angry feelings, fears, phobias or trauma; low self-esteem; lack of motivation; body shape and weight management; sleep disturbances; test taking/accelerated learning; relationship issues; job performance; unwanted habits; smoking cessation; sports performance; self-confidence; spiritual growth and past life therapy; and chronic pain.

Medical support hypnotherapy is used only as an adjunct to conventional medical treatment. Consultation with a licensed physician is required before medical support hypnotherapy services are provided.

“Your Imagination Holds the Key to Positive Change”


Carol Christianson, MA, LPC
Counseling & Hypnotherapy
Lena Street Lofts
1600 Lena Street, C-15
Santa Fe, NM 87505

I provide counseling and hypnotherapy services to individuals, families, couples and groups. I use a solution-oriented approach that is client-centered; helping you to create the change you desire in your life. This means that I partner with you to help find the solutions that are the best for you and your family.

In addition to being a licensed counselor, I am a certified hypnotherapist. I often utilize classical hypnotherapy processes to help you access your inner resources, challenge limiting beliefs and thereby improve your experience of life.

I provide a sliding fee scale and a free 30-minute consultation. I am also available to meet with you in your home.

Eileen Joyce, Grief Recovery

Eileen Joyce

As a certified coach and grief recovery specialist with twenty years’ experience, Eileen empowers people going through major losses and difficult circumstances. Eileen facilitates support groups for family caregivers, professional caregivers, and people with chronic illnesses. She also works one-on-one with anyone wanting to be more successful and fulfilled in their business, career, and life.
Eileen’s clients include professional coaches, business owners, and individuals making critical changes in their lives. The grief recovery program Eileen facilitates is a nine-week action program that helps people move from the pain of devastating losses to rebuilding their life based on what they love.

Jytte Lokvig, Alzheimer's and dementia expert

Jytte Fogh Lokvig, Ph.D.
Alzheimer's and Dementia Specialist, Lecturer, and Author

Jytte Fogh Lokvig, Ph.D. is a nationally recognized Alzheimer's and dementia expert and author. Lokvig is the founder of the first Alzheimer’s Cafe in the US, maintains the national registry of Alzheimer’s and Memory Cafes. Her book Alzheimer’s A to Z, A Quick Reference Guide, is a standard reference for the national dementia community. Others are The Alzheimer’s Creativity ProjectThe Alzheimer’s and Dementia Handbook, as well as The Alzheimer's and Memory Café.

Lectures, Workshops, and Seminars • Family Counseling • Care Management • Crisis Management • Caregiving Coaching • Early Stage Coaching • Dementia Training • Staff Development • Program Design • Consultations on all things Dementia and Alzheimer's.


New Mexico's Parkinson's Coalition
(505) 780-5864
22 Condesa Rd., Santa Fe, NM 87508

NM Parkinson’s Coalition is a 501©3 non-profit providing support groups, classes, resources and information for people living with Parkinson’s Disease and their care partners, families and friends in New Mexico. Our friendly Santa Fe PD support group is facilitated by Karen St. Clair and provides community, opportunity to get your questions answered and interesting speakers on topics relevant to folks dealing with PD. Our SF support group meets on the Third Thursday of each Month. Call Karen for more information.


Solace Crisis Treatment Center
6601 Valentine Way

Santa Fe, NM 87507, USA
(505) 988-1951
24/7 CRISIS ADVOCACY HOTLINE 1-800-721-7273

We are here to respond to the needs of individuals who are in crisis or suffering from trauma. We are a state-of-the-art non-profit agency, located in Santa Fe, combining the healing power and life changing services of a specialized clinical team, advocacy center, and education and prevention experts to help survivors and our community restore strength in the face of adversity. Our Center provides a safe place to receive evidence-based services including therapy for post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorders, victim advocacy and primary prevention programs. Solace serves Santa Fe, Rio Arriba and Los Alamos Counties and central northern New Mexico. We serve individuals from San Ildefonso, Nambe, Tesuque and Santo Domingo pueblos.

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