Sleep Yourself Healthy

For optimal regeneration of organs and health you need an undisturbed and deep sleep phase. Sleep promotes health and assists your bodily repair and regeneration processes.


Human sleep function

35% of Americans suffer from sleeping problems. Sleep is a basic requirement without which we become ill according to expert opinion. Sleep ensures important functions of physical and mental repair in two phases. In the first phase, the deep sleep phase, our immune system works at full speed, and the brain releases growth hormones and builds new cells. In the second phase, the REM or dream phase, our brain works more than in the waking state, and we dream intensely and process the day we have just gone through.


Our 80–100 trillion cells need sleep

Robust blood flow is the most important part of human circulation and fulfils a vital transport function of metabolic waste deacidification of cells during sleep. Latest research has shown that during the night there is a redistribution of the blood in the body and the immunological processes that take place during sleep are much more important than we thought until now.


During the regenerative sleep phase, blood supply is increased within internal organs such as liver, kidneys and spleen which are associated with the detoxification process. This is vital for good health.


Our sleep cycles are governed by circadian rhythms

For many individuals with chronic illness, the regeneration/sleep phase is more important than waking phase. Yet so many people have various degrees of insomnia and sleep disturbances which are causal to the manifestation of many chronic health problems.


Try these methods to enhance your sleep:

Develop a sleep routine

Try relaxation techniques right before bed

Decrease TV screen time and stimulating activities before bed

Go to sleep when you’re tired

Think positive thoughts before you sleep

Stay hydrated as water helps you rest more soundly


Sweet dreams.

This blog was submitted by SFHN Member, Sharon Tolleson BEMER Distributor. For more information, visit her BEMER Group website.