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Helping Seniors Stay Independent in Santa Fe, NM

Caring for Your Loved Ones like They are Part of our Family

We are able to help with anything needed. Give us your list of concerns, issues, and tasks and we will figure out how to handle them all for you. Consider us a personal assistant for Seniors in Santa Fe. Contact us to learn more about our packages and services, including our Senior Mobility Van. We strive to fulfill a full range of Senior concerns and needs with respect, integrity and empathy.

** In these difficult times, we are introducing our new Mobile Phlebotomy Service. Blood work drawn in the comfort and safety of your own home. All Lab work billed directly to your Medical insurance; Rates start at. $55 for the service, depending on Location and complexity of Dr's orders.
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Egis Complete Care
227 E. Palace Ave, Santa Fe

Egis is committed to enabling older adults to age in place. Your quality of life is our mission. Our staff has valuable knowledge of community resources and extensive experience with the appropriate organizations and professionals in the region. We have a stable of over one hundred of the best caregivers in the area. Based on your personal needs and desires, we offer recommendations and resources to promote independence, safety, and the quality of life you deserve.


Sun and Moon Eldercare

Sun and Moon Eldercare provides care management services to older adults in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our focus is a holistic approach that considers individual needs and preferences in creating plans and finding resources that support older people in their life decisions.

A care manager serves as an advocate for older people, emphasizing individual choice but with realistic assessments and boundaries that support us as we age. An evaluation of needs takes into account individual preferences and circumstances to provide support that is welcomed and appreciated.


Villages of Santa Fe

Keeping our older generation healthy is critical.

Every year, one out of four Americans age 65+ falls. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults.

Exercise and balance training are critical in preventing falls, a lifesaving strategy that can significantly impact the health and well-being of our older adults. A fall at 40 can be a non-issue, but a fall at 75 can be life-threatening. Exercise is the only proven way to prevent falls.

Villages of Santa Fe offers exercise and lifestyle programs for older adults - available 24/7 through online classes and a library of 500+ videos. Villages' strategies are effective. With a combination of paid and free classes, even adults on a fixed income can participate in building their physical resiliency and balance.

Our participants report improved balance, fitness, and a better attitude – In other words, they are healthy, resilient, and engaged adults.

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