July 6, 2020


Dear Community Member,

One of the most important lessons I learned as a Boy Scout was to always try and set the example in all manner of things. Do your best to lead and not follow.

That is why I, along with our other board members, encourage you to adopt the NEW MEXICO SAFE PROMISE, not only for yourselves, but for your businesses and/or other endeavors. It is an opportunity to set the example and show our commitment to protecting the health of everyone in our community.

Visit the New Mexico Safe Promise website here: https://nmsafepromise.org/

You can help us set the example by:

Placing the logo and link on your website or social media pages.

Encouraging clients and other business associates to do the same.

Displaying the logo at your place of business.

Having on-going discussions with people you interact with and encouraging them to take the pledge.

It’s safe to say COVID19 may very well be with us a while longer. I believe we all can agree that the safety of those we care for, those we work with and our community at large is our first priority.  By setting the example, taking and promoting the New Mexico Safe Promise we can help achieve that goal.


David Davis, President                                      Karen Lievense, Vice-president

Carol Valdez, Secretery                                     Kevin Koval, Treasurer

Dee Dee Shields, Membership                            Ken Hendricks, Online Media

Rosemary Cano, Events