The Silent Healer

The Silent Healer of a Broken Heart

What Is The Silent Healer?


It takes no particular expertise, although with awareness and practice you can get really good at it

It’s not hard to do, except when you’re thinking about something (which is most of the time!)

We love it when someone gives it to us

How about listening? LISTENING — the gift we give to each other, listening—the healing power within each of us. It’s a natural part of our everyday communications. And the more we use it, become aware of it, and perfect it, the more power it has to make a difference in our life and work.

When we listen with a blank mind, no agenda, just focused listening, we can hear all of what a person is saying. We hear the feelings beneath what is spoken. When we have no other purpose than to truly understand, the truth can show up.

When we listen without thinking, we eliminate our judgmental thoughts. If the person speaking gets that the listener is not judging them, they feel safe to tell the truth.

Grief is one of the most off limits topic of conversation, yet loss is a part of living. Unresolved grief from the death of a loved one, a painful breakup, loss of trust, loss of health, loss of a job, or any major loss can leave us depleted and passionless.

When we are dealing with loss, either recent or long ago, we have a broken heart, not a broken head. We need to talk about our emotions and communicate the conflicted feelings we might be harboring. We need someone who will really listen, not give us advice, not judge or try to make us feel better. The first step to healing a broken heart is to express what we are feeling.

For those of us with a desire to help the people in our lives that are suffering from a broken heart, we need to be able to really listen to the pain, the joy before the tragedy, and the conflicts associated with the relationship.

Listening is the silent healer. It is something we all can give to others and ask others to give to us. As far as the next actions for recovering from the pain of devastating losses, there are books, therapists, and programs to support the healing process.

Eileen Joyce

Certified Coach and Grief Recovery Specialist